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What is the gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs are a category of computer chairs, which have certain technical characteristics. All seats of this category have got the lateral support, high back with headrest, anatomically correct seat, configurable mechanisms of adjustment elements such as the backrest, armrests and seat. This technical features are due to the fact, that the gaming chairs are designed specifically for fans of computer games, working on the computer for many hours a day.

Gaming chairs are ergonomic.

Everyone knows that a long time, working on computer, leads to excessive stress on the muscles. The most serious stress is on the back and neck. The developers of the gaming chair solved this problem by equipping chairs with the high back, which fades into the headrest - it significantly reduces the unwanted burden.

Moreover, when you spend almost the whole day at the computer, it’s hard to keep the back in correct position and not everyone thinks about it. It can cause not only the back pain, but the serious spinal disorders in the future. All gaming chairs is provided with the lateral support, which ensures the correct position of the back.

In the sitting position all your weight is on the back of the thighs. As a result, the muscles get tired, the edge of the seat pressing on the area behind the knees and you have to change positions constantly, to feel comfortable. The solution to this problem is in these seats, which are made from the flexible material and have an anatomical shape, whereby the weight is distributed evenly and sitting in the chair becomes convenient.

Settings of the gaming chair.

Mobile gaming seat mechanisms have a flexible configuration system that provides additional comfort during the game.

  • The armrests have got a lot of detent positions, and the most of the models adjust not only the height but also the position of the armrest in the horizontal plane.
  • The back angle can be up to 180 degrees. It means that in the chair you can relax even lying back, if you decide to take a break from the game.
  • Seat height adjustment is realized by using of a gas lift: chair goes up and down very smoothly and is fixed in almost any position.


The delivery of the gaming chairs DxRacer is made by the transport company DPD. The seats is supplied unassembled with detailed instruction for assembly.

«DPD» - transport company, which can deliver the seat in each country. The delivery takes from 4 to 14 days, depends on your location.


The delivery of the seat is carried out after 100 % pre-payment. You can pay for your purchase with the payment system - PayPal. PayPal is absolutely safe, because money is "freezed" on the account till your receiving of the seat.